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Sermatec at SNEC 2023

Introduce the old and bring forth the new and upgrade

In recent years, the price of energy and electricity in Europe and the United States has soared, and the demand for solar storage systems in the global market has also continued to increase. Sermatec has devoted itself to researching and developing household storage for many years. At SNEC, it released a new household wall-mounted energy storage product. For household energy storage application scenarios, the wall-mounted integrated design is adopted, which occupies a small area and is easy to install, operate and maintain, and promotes the "integration" of household energy storage products; excellent appearance design, flexible lines, in line with the concept of modern life, Harmoniously compatible with modern family life, promoting "all-in-one" to gradually become "household appliances".

For industrial and commercial energy storage application scenarios, Sermatec newly upgraded 100kW/215kWh intelligent liquid-cooled outdoor integrated cabinet, "ALL-IN-ONE" design concept, integrated battery, 3S system (BMS, EMS, PCS) and fire protection system in one. The full liquid cooling solution and intelligent thermal management greatly improve the energy density and service life of the product; the five-layer active and passive protection combined with PACK level perfluorohexanone fire protection ensures the safety of the energy storage system; it supports remote upgrades, which improves the efficiency compared with traditional point-to-point upgrades More than 90. This product has been widely used in industrial and commercial scenarios in many regions. While maintaining the safety and stability of system operation, it can greatly reduce the cost of green energy consumption for enterprises.

Ecological interaction, win-win cooperation

Adhering to the concept of sharing and win-win cooperation, Sermatec has today cooperated with the Chengdu Science and Technology Development Center of the Chinese Academy Co., Ltd. and China Power Construction Group East China Survey and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement.

We always insist on providing customers with safe and efficient energy storage products. Through continuous innovation, based on meeting customers' needs, it provides services that exceed customers' expectations. We believe that through today's cooperation, we will make full efforts, develop in-depth, and constantly make breakthroughs in energy storage safety, R&D, and innovation.


Professional analysis, detonating the audience

As an important topic of energy storage, "energy storage system security" has attracted much attention. Ms. Sun Lina, Vice President of Energy Technology of Sermatec, delivered a speech on "Energy Storage System Security under Full Lifecycle Management", which deeply analyzed the security problems faced by the current energy storage system and gave practical solutions.

At the same time, Mr. Tang Jiagen, director of integrated design, delivered a wonderful speech entitled "Discussion on Predictive Maintenance Scheme of Energy Storage System" at the booth. From the background of energy storage development to the prediction of the future of energy storage, Sermatec experts conquered the audience through professional explanations and innovative technologies.