The secrets of Sermatec are now available

Centralized solution

Centralization is the mainstream solution with the largest increment and the highest share in the market. This scheme can be connected to high-power energy storage converter through parallel battery cluster, which has the advantages of low cost and low integration difficulty. However, with the long-term operation, the disadvantages such as the circulation generated by parallel battery cluster and the large loss of capacity caused by the inconsistency between battery cluster gradually appear.


Distributed solution

Influenced by Tesla's scheme, the distributed architecture is widely used overseas. The distributed energy storage architecture can effectively solve the parallel circulation problems of all battery clusters in the centralized energy storage architecture. However, this architecture has some problems in operation, such as reduced efficiency of DCDC, large influence range of PCS failure, and poor stability of DC bus.


Group series solutions of Sermatec

The continuous improvement of energy storage has led to the continuous exploration of energy storage system architecture to solve a series of problems caused by energy storage system architecture defects. Therefore, the energy storage cluster series solution comes into being. Through the modularized energy storage converter and battery cluster, the failure of a single battery cluster does not affect the normal operation of other batteries. Moreover, it has the advantages of flexible configuration, convenient replacement of plug and plug, and significant reduction of operation and maintenance cost, which effectively solves the pain points of traditional centralized and distributed energy storage systems.


This year, the ALL-IN-ONE intelligent liquid-cooled outdoor integrated cabinet promoted by Sermatec can perfectly realize the cluster energy storage system architecture. Liquid cooling temperature control, battery life, system power synchronous increase; Highly modular design, flexible deployment, easy expansion; Six-layer safety protection design, multi-information integration, both inside and outside to protect energy storage security; Local collection, intelligent monitoring, remote operation and maintenance, greatly saving operation and maintenance costs. All kinds of advantages make the intelligent liquid cooling outdoor integrated cabinet with strong competitiveness in the industrial and commercial side.