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Exciting Review | Sermatec Appears at ESIE 2023, Jointly Creating a New Era of Energy Storage

The 11th Energy Storage International Conference and EXPO, which lasted for three days, officially concluded on the afternoon of April 9th. Sermatec presented several popular energy storage products, mainly intelligent liquid cooled outdoor integrated cabinets (215kWh), at this exhibition. The bustling crowd and enthusiastic inquiring audience still vividly recall the unprecedented grandeur of the exhibition.


Full Focus on Excellent Products


This exhibition is the first offline demonstration of the intelligent liquid cooled outdoor integrated cabinet (215kWh) of Sermatec. Once the product is exposed, it attracts a large number of professional viewers to stop and pay attention.


Safety is always an inseparable topic for energy storage products. The intelligent liquid cooled outdoor integrated cabinet of Sermatec adopts a six layer safety protection design and integrates multiple information. Adopting the "All In ONE" design concept, the cabinet integrates batteries, battery management system BMS, energy management system EMS, modular converter PCS, and fire protection system, greatly reducing transportation and on-site installation time and costs. In the era of "Internet plus", energy storage can also take the Internet express. Local collection, intelligent monitoring, and remote operation and maintenance can reduce the on-site and operation and maintenance workload by 70%.


All In ONE not only integrates energy storage components together, but also organically integrates safety, convenience, and intelligence, providing customers with more thoughtful products.


Ranking Release Strength Demonstration


On April 7th, the "Energy Storage Industry Research White Paper 2023" was officially released, and Sermatec ranked ninth in the "2022 Global Market Energy Storage System Shipment Ranking of China Energy Storage System Integrators" and eighth in the "2022 Domestic User Side Market Energy Storage System Shipment Ranking of China Energy Storage System Integrators". This indicates that the work achievements of Sermatec in 2022 have been recognized and affirmed within and outside the industry, fully demonstrating the company's strength.


Strong alliance of signing activities


During the three days of the exhibition, Sermatec has successively established strategic cooperation with TÜV Rhine of Germany and HyperStrong of Beijing. We will work together to promote energy storage cooperation worldwide.


The energy storage industry, like Sunrise, still has broad prospects for development. Sermatec will continue to adhere to the principle of "focusing on R&D innovation and providing excellent services", bring more valuable products and services to customers, and contribute to promoting the development of the energy storage industry and achieving the "dual carbon" goal.

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