Strong Cooperation for a Win-win Future | Sermatec and HyperStrong Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On the afternoon of April 8th, during the 11th Energy Storage International Conference and EXPO (ESIE 2023), Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sermatec") and Beijing HyperStrong Technology Co., Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as "HyperStrong") signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides plan to cooperate in energy storage system technology, manufacturing, market, and other aspects, jointly maintaining and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the energy storage industry.


Ms. Li Zhen, Deputy Secretary General of China Energy Storage Alliance, attended and presided over the signing ceremony. Zhang Xiaojing, General Manager of Sermatec Sales, and Zhan Xiaolin, Assistant General Manager and Sales General Manager of HyperStrong, respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements on behalf of both parties. Li Feng, Chairman of Sermatec, and Zhang Jianhui, Chairman and General Manager of HyperStrong attended and witnessed the signing of the contract.


Sermatec is a manufacturer of digital energy operation and energy storage systems. From the first introduction of 3S (BMS, PCS, EMS) control technology in the industry in 2018 to the launch of 6S technology (BMS, PCS, EMS, Standard, Safety, Service) based on the "cloud edge" three-layer architecture in 2022, the production and operation safety of energy storage products have been raised to a higher level through continuous improvement of technology and algorithms. This further reflects the corporate mission of Sermatec as a technology-based company to ensure the safe and efficient operation of energy storage systems. The products of Sunrise Energy cover household use, industry and commerce, source network side, etc., ranking among the top ten in the system level shipment volume industry in 2022.


HyperStrong is a leading provider of energy storage system solutions and technical services in the industry. The company focuses on the research and development, production, sales, and services of energy storage systems, providing a full range of energy storage system products and one-stop overall solutions for traditional power generation, new energy power generation, smart grid, end power users, and smart microgrid customers in the "source grid load" full chain industry. The founding team has more than 15 years of experience in research and development of energy storage products, and has designed and applied more than 300 energy storage system projects, ranking first in the energy storage system market for three consecutive years.


Both companies possess entrepreneurial genes and have been focusing on research and innovation in product technology since their establishment. This strategic cooperation can be said to be natural and mutually beneficial. In the future, both parties will leverage their respective strengths and strive to improve product quality, delivery efficiency, and safety standards in cooperation, jointly promoting the healthy development of the industry and creating greater value for the industry.

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