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Direct Attack on ESIE2023 Site | Intelligent Liquid Cooled Outdoor Integrated Cabinet Shines on the Stage, with Sermatec on the Double List

On April 7th, the 11th Energy Storage International Conference and EXPO officially opened at the Beijing Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this conference is "conspiring for a new mechanism for electricity and creating a new era of energy storage". More than 300 leading new energy enterprises from around the world gathered together to listen to the voices of the forefront of the industry and explore the potential for industrial development. At the exhibition, Sermatec brought a new industrial and commercial energy storage system product, which attracted much attention due to its advanced energy storage and stable quality, and attracted the attention of many media, partners and industry leaders.


Product innovation and technological leadership


Sermatec is constantly innovating and upgrading its product services and scenario solutions. The intelligent liquid cooled outdoor integrated cabinet (215kWh) launched at the exhibition has won widespread recognition for its "ALL-IN-ONE" concept, intelligent operation and maintenance, flexible design, and safety features.


In recent years, with the acceleration of global energy transformation, the energy storage industry has also developed rapidly, and only differentiated services can gain market favor. Sermatec Intelligent Liquid Cooling Outdoor Integrated Cabinet, which integrates batteries, 3S systems (BMS, EMS, PCS), and fire protection systems, with a battery capacity of 215kWh and a power of 100kW. Equipped with functions such as power grid voltage regulation, three-phase imbalance control, harmonic control, etc., which can improve power quality; Intelligent installation, operation and maintenance, supporting node adaptation, fault indication, etc., reducing on-site and operation workload by 70%; Support broadcast style program upgrades, improving efficiency by over 90% compared to traditional peer-to-peer upgrades. While maintaining the safe and stable operation of the system, it significantly reduces costs for green energy use in enterprises.


Cooperation and win-win certification site


At 10 a.m., the "German TÜV Rhine European Standard Certification Ceremony for High Voltage Stacked Household Storage of Sermatec" was held at the Sermatec Exhibition Stand. The TÜV Rheinland EU certification obtained this time reflects the outstanding research and development capabilities of Sermatec, and also means that the reliability of Sermatec's high-pressure stacked tower household energy storage system has been recognized by the market and authoritative institutions.


Sermatec high and low pressure stacked tower type household energy storage system adopts a modular design, facilitating capacity expansion; user-friendly design Intelligent remote operation and maintenance; Adopting lithium iron phosphate battery cells, it is safer and more reliable, with high efficiency and excellent performance, providing strong power for household power supply.


It is worth mentioning that both sides have reached a consensus on the development prospects of energy storage in the energy market, and have established a long-term and effective communication mechanism by signing a strategic cooperation agreement. Sermatec and TÜV Rhine of Germany will work together to promote energy storage cooperation worldwide and achieve sustainable development of the energy market.


Released a double list for dinner


On the first day of the exhibition, at the "CNESA Global Energy Storage Database 2022 Energy Storage Series List Release" dinner, according to statistics from China Energy Storage Alliance, Sermatec ranked eighth in the "2022 Global Market Energy Storage System Shipping Volume Ranking of Chinese Energy Storage System Integrators" and sixth in the "Domestic User Side Market Energy Storage System Shipping Volume Ranking".


The achievement of such achievements not only reflects the recognition of the market for the brand and products of Sermatec, but also serves as an important witness to the rapid development of Sermatec in 2022. In 2023, Sermatec will continue to contribute to the realization of the dual carbon goal and the new power system architecture and provide more efficient and reliable energy storage products for the energy industry through high-quality services and industry-leading energy storage.

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