Clean Energy Expo China | Taking Sermatec to Assist the Industry in Thinking about New Energy Storage Solutions for Industry and Commerce

On March 28th, the "2023 Clean Energy Expo China" grandly opened in Beijing. The Expo will last for three days, with the theme of "Building a Clean, Low Carbon, Safe, and Efficient New Power System", focusing on areas such as clean electricity, hydrogen energy, photovoltaic, and energy storage. Ms. Sun Lina, Deputy General Manager of Sermatec Technology, was invited to attend the energy storage theme conference of the Expo and delivered a wonderful speech.


Rapid development, born with the trend


In 2022, the development of user side energy storage is rapid, and in the Chinese energy storage market, the capacity of user side energy storage projects that have already been connected to the grid accounts for 10% of the total capacity. In 2023,Sermatec took advantage of the trend and vigorously launched two industrial and commercial energy storage products: intelligent liquid cooled outdoor integrated cabinets (215kWh) and intelligent outdoor liquid cooled battery cabinets (372/402kWh compatible). The design concept of "ALL-IN-ONE" makes their production, installation, operation and maintenance convenient, deployment flexible, and plug and play; The independent intelligent thermal management control and liquid cooling system greatly improve its lifecycle and operational efficiency; The safety fire isolation design allows each cluster of battery packs in the system to form an independent fire zone and build a high safety wall.


Dynamic strategy, combining hardware and software


The two industrial and commercial energy storage solutions, Sermatec, not only iteratively optimize the hardware, but also achieve perfection in the software: a comprehensive local data monitoring interface, comprehensive real-time monitoring of system data, and providing manual control interface and automatic policy configuration function. Cooperating with the Sermatec Cloud platform for synchronous data monitoring, cloud data diagnosis and warning function, remotely viewing system status and receiving alarm push notifications through web interface and APP, making users feel at ease and worry free.


In response to the current dynamic electricity prices and the application prospects of the electricity spot market, the acquisition of Sermatec is also well prepared. By connecting the "cloud, edge, and end" data security channels, the optimal control strategy is automatically generated based on energy transaction status and electricity price changes, achieving maximum user revenue.


In 2023, as the global demand for energy storage continues to increase, Sermatec will pursue innovation, constantly reflect on new trends in the development of the energy industry, explore new energy technologies, and leverage its advantages in the face of rapidly changing markets and technological challenges to provide more excellent intelligent energy solutions for global users.

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